o lounge chair
maße: 135 x 135 x 95 cm
material: aluminium | maple | leather
order: # s 310

"the o lounge chair is intended to impart to the user an omnipresent mood of "feeling good" seeing that he or she can opt for a ”standard, fully upright” seated position or else decide in favour of all sorts of postures. the chair's outside circular backrest in unison with the asymmetrical but well adapted seat (and lounging). she warrant that unusual measure of comfort it takes to provide at once for a feeling of cosiness and protection. the shell swivels and tilts around a rugged tripod base of aluminium, and all postures can be adjusted with the aid of a simple mechanism. …o can be deployed not just private homes but quite conceivably also in medical consultation rooms and lobbies of all manner." md 3/2000
design/copyright max kistner*2000